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C.1770-80. Swords of this type served on both sides during the American Revolution. This is a rare variation from the group, which is characterized by a lion head pommel and “melon slice” from the guard.  See Neumann 139.S and 140.S. The hilt is gilt brass with a lion-head pommel. The guards are divided into 20 slots in four rows of five in contrast to the general type illustrated by Neumann as 139.S The grip is wound with twisted copper wire and copper band. The original fire gilt surface is preserved in the protected areas. The 23 ¼” curved blade has a broad central fuller and a narrow back fuller stopped by the 5 ¾” false edge. Swords of this type were privately produced and widely carried by English and American officers prior to the Revolution. The onset of the war brought a call for all functional arms and these were pressed into service.
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