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Generally based on the English pattern for sergeants, this example shows distinctive American characteristics. It is 83 ¾” in length with walnut haft and iron head in three pieces. The banded conical socket extends with two broad cheek straps inlet into the haft and secured with four pins. The cross bar with its addorsed conical terminals is forge welded to the collar. The leaf shaped point is screwed directly through the collar without any base expansion or seat. That joint is now rusted preventing removal of the point. See Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, 109.PA for a very similar example with variation from hand work as expected. At the outbreak of the Revolution America was seriously short of weapons. Pikes were made by blacksmiths and served as the sole weapon of many American Infantrymen. So it follows that this example was made for fighting and probably served in the early years of the war.
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