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Typical Revolutionary War modification of an English Infantry officer’s sword C.1775 and later adopted as the 1796 pattern with a folding side guard. See Swords and Blades of the American Revolution, Neumann, #160.S for another example of this early variation. This example with 30 ½” blade, has been adapted by removal of the knuckle bow and quillon making it battle ready. The wood grip has lost its wire wrap and has a hole one side and cut the other. The blade shows uniform medium pitting, now gently cleaned. Purchased in the 1970’s at Schindler’s Antiques, King St. Charleston South Carolina. It was said to have come from a Charleston house clearance and to have been carried by an American soldier during the Revolution. The bicentennial renewed interest in the Revolution and brought out items such as this which had been relegated to barns and forgotten.
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