Rare trench made example. 7 1/8” field forged medial ridged blade. Thick slightly curved oval brass guard and brass pommel. Thick lead grip. Untouched, with deep age character. The blade with frosty pitting and the grip with gray oxidation. Brass deeply aged as well. Extraordinary example with enormous character. Produced under direst conditions with the resources at hand. Trench warfare evolved as an approximate balance of fire power to protection resulting in a stalemate. Charges over barbed wire or clandestine night time raids resulted in hand to hand combat for which neither side was fully equipped. The trench knife was essential but not provided to the troops. Germans begged family to send hunting knives. The small deer foot type was particularly popular. Some, such as the creator of this example took matters into their own hands and made fine serviceable weapons out of desperation. It defines its type, a throat slasher with heavy grip for a muscular hand and slashing edges, still sharp, for the kill in a life lock engagement. The point is insignificant as the enemy was body protected. Trench Art has experienced a surge of popularity with attendant value spikes. Examples of Trench Art fighting weapons are rarely encountered. This one, which directly responds to the challenge of trench warfare is doubly significant.
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