Probably Mandingo. Good quality as is typical of slaver's weapons. 4 3/4" thick medially fullered double edged curved blade. The base sheathed in decorated brass. Rudimentary iron guard. Large hilt with flared pommel and grip shaped to the hand. Engraved brass base piece and two piece bone grips decorated with concentric circles. Made for the sole purpose of slashing-throat cutting, as the blade is too short for thrusting and the lack of an effective guard indicates a function which anticipates no need for defense. Slave raids typically culminated in a culling process which separated marketable captives from all others, who were then executed. This knife was made for that purpose. The blade gray with some minor pitting only. Hilt excellent with mottled patina. Tooled leather scabbard with its belt loop intact, dry, sound and undamaged.

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