3 5/8” total length. Thick wedge section blade with straight back. Tapered tang to secure it to the wood, bone or antler grip, now perished. Notably, the tang is thicker than the blade at its root, precluding a cross guard as is correct for this type. These small side knives were among the most treasured possessions for Vikings and it they, rather than the large seax with which they were buried. On scale with modern pocket knives, they are weapons, suitable for throat slashing as well as organ depth thrusting attacks. East Anglia was the landing place for Viking invaders. Virtually every old town in Cambridgeshire has a recorded Viking history. In 917, The Danish King was killed at The Battle of Tempsford in 917, and The Danes were repelled at Maldon in 991, to mention two. Excavated and professionally conserved with Plexiglas display mount.

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