Single scale and the only one we've ever seen after exhaustive research. Bronze, just over 1 1/2" width with saw tooth bottom edge to engage a blade. Two original mounting rivets, one with the original back gusset indicating that it was mounted to a garment of just over 1/8" thickness, clearly leather not textile. The front with light encrustation from burial. The back with glossy green patina, better preserved by contact with the leather, now perished. Vikings conquered and settled vast territories over two centuries resulting in diverse variations of culture, art, weapons and mythology. As intense study of Vikings life occurred largely in the last four decades, anomalies as this one appear on the retail market. In fact, we have compiled information leading to two major conclusions about Viking culture, yet to be exhaustively studied by archaeologists. More to come on that this year as we examine the evidence. This example was recovered from a Viking settlement in the Baltic hinterland, either settled by or protected by combat.
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