Late 11th century, this gilt amulet combines a Viking icon, the moon, with the Christian cross.  In the 11th century, Christianity made footholds in Danelaw England, ruled by Vikings. A number of Abbys were built and Christians coexisted with the Pagan Vikings. Eventually, most Vikings were converted, and by the First Crusade, (1096) they served valiantly in defense of Christianity. This amulet is from the period of transition, incorporating elements of paganism with the cross in its specific Crusader’s form with “crutches” to the beam terminals. See for another example. It is just under 1 1/8” in width (1.12”) with pelleted edge crescent, the field with triple pellet cluster, a typical Viking motif with celestial supernatural significance. The crescent tips, traditionally emphasized as Sol the sun and Mani the moon, embrace the cross. The endurance of old myths incorporated in more enlightened theology is common and present today in the form of superstitions. Surface textured from burial.  Professionally refurbished with the silver overlay restored, on an 18” modern Sterling silver neck chain. Jewelry gift boxed with certificate of authenticity.
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