Forge iron just under 1” diameter (0.97”0. Thick and proud, worked to a roped corm, a favorite for Vikings. Original iron cross pin. Worn in numbers on the surface of the jerkin, these provided a measure of protection against sword cuts and, in fact, were a form of armor. In this instance, the only iron example known to us, the protective value is maximized by the use of iron which would rust if rained upon. As it was attached to the garment, removal would have been cumbersome and defeated its purpose. It’s likely, therefore that it had a very special, spiritual and ritual function and was used only on sacred occasion, probably under cover or in doors. As metals had spiritual significance to Vikings, the use of iron here distinguishes it from all other examples known to us. Suspended from a modern Sterling silver mounted polished leather neck cord for modern wear. Gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity.
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