Iron items including three knife blades, one of the small type which were typically buried with Vikings. Also, an iron key, bodkin arrowhead, two link twisted iron chain with encrusted material on one link, a further chain assemblage evidently coated in pitch, a buckle, a nail with elongated head, a curious fitting with central spike and an exceedingly rare fastener. That last is a variant of the rivet and rove, which was used for connecting Viking boat planks and is in itself a historic innovation which made construction of the long boats possible. We have had but two such fasteners in 50 years. This example employs the same principal, but both the river end and the rove (a metal gusset on which the rivet is peened) are semicircular indicating that they were used to fasten two poles, each of about 1 1/4” diameter, at a right or perhaps acute angle. Purpose unknown, but any number of possibilities, including joining spars on a ship. Viking Hoard as shown.
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