Republic of Venice. Late Gothic C.1480-90. This sword was made for a young man of about 10-11 years of age. It is distinctively Venetian in character and construction and would have served as a training weapon for a few years, until its owner out grew it in the process of evolving into a warrior, probably a knight, as the sword is of knightly form. Venetian Republic expansion through the century had added parts of Dalmatia, Lombardy and Eastern Mediterranean island countries. By the forth quarter, the Ottoman Empire had captured some Venetian territory and was poised for greater gains. A military buildup of which this sword is part, resulted in The Venetian Republic. It is a knightly sword in form with characteristics specific to the 15th century including the angled quillon tips which can be found on Oakeshott XV.12 & XV.13, both of which date to the early 15th century. The square pommel is the precursor to the familiar (Venetian) schiavona pommel and is found in numerous variations on the stock of broadswords in the Doge's Palace, Venice which are well represented in literature. The 29" double edged blade is unfullered as are many of the period. Excellent condition for the period, matching those at the Doge's Palace.
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