From the William Fagan Ltd. Collection

Deeply curved iron axe blade supported by the mythical Huma bird of Persia. Addorsed tiger heads back mount. Remnants of plating in protected areas. The haft of two iron tubes. The forward, a gun barrel with an iron fore spike with quick release tapered thread which reveals a ramrod for loading. Disconnecting the two segments reveals a nipple to the back of the barrel and a spring loaded “firing pin” activated by pulling the knob at the butt, within the grip segment. See Blades and Barrels, Frost, #315 & #316 for a comparable example from the Farley Berman Collection, now Berman Museum, Anniston, Alabama. Both have similar axe blades of specifically rounded curvature suggesting a common workshop for both their productions. The form and decoration of the bronze sockets confirm that the two are from the same workshop. Frost notes that percussion examples are rare (probably as percussion caps were made in Europe) and this is the first we have encountered.

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