Natural coconut, 4 1 /4" length, made in two halves, the lid with the lip engaging the base, and thus made from two different coconuts. The base carved as a standing Oba holding an object in each hand, perhaps a whisk and snake. The lid with geometric panels to the base and the Oba flanked by his wives in profile. Probably mid-19th century and reflective of the bronze casting of that period which incorporated oversize eyes and swollen cheeks to produce stylized images. See Metropolitan Museum of Art #1991.17.3 for a related bronze head of an Oba. Short internal section of the lip chipped, concealed when the container is closed. Wonderful deep rich glossy patina with encrustation in protected areas. Note: As the Benin Kingdom ceased to exist after the 1897 Punitive Expedition, all Benin art and artifacts predate that event. Since the looting of Benin City represented the greatest acquisition, by orders of magnitude, by Europeans of Benin art and artifacts, virtually any, including items C-1, and C-2 above and C-3 following may confidently be attributed to that event.

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