This axe was made for combat in full armor. It was suspended on the belt and depending on circumstances, could be used in an initial attack or, more likely, when an opponent had been fatigued from combat with the sword. It was then used to attack armor plate which when breeched or deformed, presented an opening to administer the coup de grâce. The grip of this example is equipped with a disk guard and is removable to produce a thick diamond section blade to administer the death thrust. The blade, in fact a misericorde, is released by a locking threaded segment, male and female, on the mating components which release upon just less than a quarter turn. Thus, engaged, the axe is a powerful attack weapon. A slight twist of the wrist produces the weapon to administer the death thrust to the disabled warrior. Exceedingly rare with no other such example on the market in our recollection. The clover and key piercing on the axe blade is specific to Styrian swords of the second half of the 16th century.

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