Heavily gilt hilt and scabbard, body and mounts. Ivory grip with scrimshawed crown, monogram, laurel wreath and cross with triangle. 28” blade decorated over 2/3 its length with crusades scenes, Masonic symbols, foliage, owner’s name and knight on gold ground, complete and bright. The forte with M C LILLEY & CO COLUMBUS OHIO. That form of address used 1882-1925 only. Scabbard with finely detailed mounts including red enameled cross, complete and undamaged. Best quality and virtually as new but for slightest wear to the gold at the scabbard suspension thing and wear to the grip from handling.  The gold bright and dazzling! In its original leather sword bag which undoubtedly accounts for its pristine condition.

Items containing ivory cannot be shipped outside of the U.S. or in the states of CA, HI, IL, NV, NY, NJ, NH, OR, and WA.

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