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29 3/4" length for mounted use. Iron head with square hammer face and pyramidal black spike. Banded iron fore mount and iron butt mount. The haft painted in keyed panels of red and yellow, typical Venetian patterns and colors. The right side with an armorial devise of a red hand. The red hand has most recently been associated with Ulster, and traditionally with Irish arms, however its use is known throughout Europe. As it appears isolated rather than in a coat of arms, it likely represents the family name of the owner. Irish Catholics were persecuted from the Reformation on and many fled to Spain and served in the military. The possibility exists that this weapon may have served an expat Irishman in Venetian service. Equally possible is an Italian owner for whom the red hand had heraldic significance. The war hammer was popular in Northern Italy where battle with the Ottoman Turks regularly occurred.

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