Interesting example produced in Japan as part of industrialization which followed Commodore Perry’s “Open Door,” the effects of which ironically were referred to by the Japanese as “Closed Curtain” describing the end of their hereditary culture. Standard pattern with near all original gold to the hilt and 29 1/2” blade decorated with USN, foliage and patriotic motifs. The forte with a cross formed by the words NIPPON. That mark, usually associated with porcelain, was introduced in 1891 in response to the Tariff Act and ban in 1921 as an improper translation of “Japan,” thus dating this sword to that interval. It was a period of massive buildup of US Naval forces demonstrated in the Spanish-American War and punctuated by the Great White Fleet comprising 16 huge battle ships and their escorts which circumnavigated the globe 1907-9, calling at major ports.
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