Identified as a kartika. The figural bronze upper terminating in a vajra. A dramatically recurved edge iron knife blade below. Current information states that these symbolically severed the bonds with the worldly and material and that they were associated with the kapala, human skull wine bowls. We last had one in the 1980's at which time the information among the ethnographic art departments of the London auction houses was that they were necromantic brain choppers known as grugugs. An article, at that time, in the Antiques Trade Gazette quoted the department expert at Phillips, London, to that effect. Lamist Budhism (Tibetian Budhism) is a veiled mystery of the 20th century. Historically isolated by topography and introspective religion, The 1951 Chinese take over drove religion and its sacred leader, the Dali Lami, from Tibet. In the West, recovery from World War II brought prosperity, renewed isolation, and virtually no interest in Hymilian cultures. And so, things Tibetan still hold their secrets. Experts typically allow about a two century window for dating, due to the unchanging Tibetan culture and lack of date information. We believe these to be brain choppers but the last word is yet to come.
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