18th century. Fine example of the type carried by Spanish Colonial Officers. See Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America, pl.174 & 175. The first example is also illustrated the California Hall catalog, Los Angeles County Museum. Notably, we found no other examples published and we review many hundreds of publications in our research, as well as none on the internet. This example of exceptional quality and quaint execution. Iron disk guard, retaining part of its leather and quilted cloth liner, with recurved bars riveted on and additional cross guard ahead. Those features identical to the two examples above. 23 3/8" blade with upturned false edged tip, chiseled each side with a foliage motifs about 2/3 its length. The forte with a foliage panel around large cursive AR. Note that pl.175 above (Heard Museum, Phoenix), is also engraved with AR, stated to be initials. Surely as two of the three specimens are so marked, the meaning is, rather, their common origin, perhaps Armeria Real or royal armory. An extreme rarity among the very best in private hands.
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