Anglo Zulu Wars. Representing the finest evolution of the Zulu spear as dictated by Shaka when he ordered the then current spears dismantled and the heads forged two together for the broad cut and thrust form here. The heads were then mounted on thick shorter hafts to facilitate hand to hand combat instead of being thrown as before. That, combined with the Zulu technique of hooking the shield behind the opponents, and administering the death thrust, was the foundation of the growth of the Zulu Nation from a small Nguni clan. This example is 43 ¾” long with thick hand hewn flared butt haft. The leaf shaped head is medially ridged with characteristic dimpled bolster, elegantly exaggerated here. The socket is finely encased in woven iron wire including the end and base of the iron bolster which is a luxury feature seldom encountered. A further iron wire band at about the third point served as a tactile reference for positioning the hand in the field without taking eyes off the enemy. Enormous character and about as good as they come with all the most desirable features for a Anglo-Zulu War spear.

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