Meiji Period, 1867-1912. 4 5/8" diameter. Each element of rounded profile with slightly flared foot and grip respectively. Black body color with three inscription panels to the top. One rectangular in true gold, a gourd shaped panel in silver and a circular panel in red. The last with the circular border applied in segments with short breaks, probably to suggest wear. Probably festival banners and likely that this bowl was made to be used once only for that occasion. The bottom with the artist’s signature which is very rare and found only on pieces made for high ranking/noble clients. Perfect condition. Made from specially selected wood as the very faint reflection of the grain from shrinkage shows a laminar grain. These invariably are made from a round limb or trunk and the reflected grain is of an annular patter. One of a pair of the finest quality we have encountered, the pair for which is in our own collection.

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