Three daggers, each with Nile crocodile skin wrapped hilts with expanded skull crusher pommels. The outer with curved 8” blade chiseled each side with geometric talismanic patterns. The central with 8 ½” straight blade similarly decorated. Contained in their Nile crocodile skin scabbard. The outer sheath projections made from claws with the nails on. The Nile crocodile was sacred to the Dervish, followers of Muhammad Ahmad, the Mad Mahdi who proclaimed himself the Messiah and redeemer of Islam. His claim to converse directly with the Prophet Muhammad rather than rely on Islamic doctrine earned him the name Mad Mahdi, i.e., insane messiah or savior. He declared jihad in 1881 and waged many successful battles against the Egyptians who were loosely under the umbrella of the Ottoman Empire with increasing involvement by the British. In early 1884, Maj. Gen Charles Gordon (Gordon Pasha) was sent to Khartoum to organize the withdrawal of Egyptian forces from the Sudan. Sudanese forces, outnumbering Egyptian seven to one, laid siege to Khartoum and ultimately overran it, massacring its inhabitants including Gordon, and laid it to waste. That action attracted the full response of the British Army which inflicted massive casualties on the Dervish and, incidentally, produced provided booty such as this, to British soldiers and officers.

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