The sword of El Cid and possibly the most copied sword ever with examples produced today. This example appears to date right around 1900 with 22 ½” blade decorated in foliage, COLADA de CID figure of El Cid and TOLEDO SPAIN. Iron hilt with additional decoration to the guard and pommel. The decoration is of superior quality and related the to the Fabrica de Toledo industry which grew up in Spain in the 1860’s and produced very fine reproductions of Renaissance swords and daggers with beautiful etched and gilt decoration. The 1898 Tariff Act requires MADE IN (country of origin) marking. The markings on this sword do not conform to that wording, but the law may have allowed this variant at that time. All indications suggest a date of about 1890-1910. El Cid (The Lord) was the Moorish name given to Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, 11th century Castilian military leader.

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