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See Spanish Military Swords in Colonial America, pl.142 & 143. Iron hilt with line edged double shell guard and long straight cross guard. Brass wire wrapped grip with inset vertical iron bars. 39 ½” broad flattened diamond section blade with broad fuller at the forte inscribed NO ME SAQUES RAZON / NE ME EMBAINES SIN HONOR, (DO NOT DRAW ME WITHOUT REASON, DO NOT SHEATH ME WITHOUT HONOR). This is a horseman’s sword of the period of subjugation of the Caribbean, Mexico and South America. The mounted Spanish horseman, in iron cuirass, was invincible to the native people who were separated from their gold and silver. Treasure ship laden with precious cargos returned to Spain to shore up the financially strapped government. Many perished and swords of this type have been recovered from the wreckage.

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