Late 15th century. Heavy forged barrel, 48", octagonal at the breech with short faceted segment below a transverse bead. The balance of circular section, 1 1/2" diameter at that point, slightly waisted then expanded to about 1 5/8" at the muzzle. Integrally forged open rear sight and blade front sight. Bore about 1" diameter. The breech with integrally forged reinforcing band behind the touch hole. Large sail shaped wall hook below. Quite well preserved for the period with pitting at the breech from ignition. The balance with uniform dark patina and pitting commensurate with its age. The muzzle edge slightly mushroomed from centuries of handling on a stone floor. Carved wood stock painted black, with chevron motif in white and blue to the fore stock. Those were popular "town colors" in Bavaria and northern Switzerland including on arsenals. The wood undoubtedly later than the barrel but probably an arsenal restock as these were maintained as municipal property.

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