18th-early 19th century, displaying pre-contact finish. 61 3/4” length of slender proportions with expanded medially ridged striking head. The opposite end pointed for parrying. Dark wood with rich patina and light encrustation. The surface showing scraped finish as produced with sea shells, resulting in slight rippled texture throughout. Short shrinkage/age cracks. Fine patina. Initial contact was made by the Spanish in 1568 but no significant European influence was felt until the 19th century when missionaries settled. Solomon Islanders were notorious headhunters and cannibals which accounts for their isolation in the 18th century. This club dates to the period of headhunting and cannibalism which lasted longer in outlying islands. It is designed to carry out a savage attack, killing man, woman or child, who would be collected for human consumption. The striking face is cut with a cipher or symbol, probably by a sailor who collected it

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