Superb example of American South, plantation art. Probably carved clandestinely, and, at just under 2" height, easily concealable. Carved of lead, and about the weight of two musket balls. Lead would have been present on every plantation and used for a number of things from bullets and fishing weights, to oxidizing for paint. Standing with a bit of a belly and his belt represented, head cocked and perhaps dancing. Wonderfully characterful face with whimsical realistic features, nubby hair and a John Bull hat. That form was popular in the early 1800s and was shown on images of "John Bull" the English opposite number to Uncle Sam. It is shorter than the usual top hat, flared or rolled at the top edge and with a curved brim. The surface with deep coffee color, primarily lead oxide. One arm broken short in antiquity and probably had rudimentary feet originally. The maker of this figure was truly an artist by the strictest definition.

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