Scottish Reconciliation period, two generations after Culloden when the Scottish rebels were broken and Scottish Royalists tolerated at length. The pressures of war with America and France, (with Spain waiting in the wings) demanded that England with her Hanover king enlist every resource. Despite their defeat, the voracity of the Scots was universally acknowledged and their military support eagerly courted. The display of the thistle, an icon of Scottish pride, was forbidden before 1782, the period in which this set was produce. Yet, politics dictated that it be allowed and Scottish pride insisted that it be displayed against the law which called for imprisonment for such a display, and a few years earlier, would have been fully enforced. This set is the product of the Worcester factory founded by Dr. John Wall, and under his direction at the time of its manufacture. The four main pieces are marked with the crescent, identifying them as "first period Worcester" or "Dr. Wall period Worcester." It comprises the tea pot, with it’s under bowl, sugar and creamer. The bodies are "shanked" or formed with a relief spiral. They are decorated gold on cobalt underglaze with a repeated thistle motif. Fine condition but for the pot under plate which has a single crack. Sets are quite rare and when found often lack the under plate. The gold intact slight wear only. Quite clearly indicative of one of the aristocratic Scottish clans.

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