Late 18th century. 14 1/4” double fullered s.e. wedge section blade. One piece cast hilt with hunched base and broad flat pommel. The iron tang peened to button form. Simple form. The base decorated with a cluster of punched circle and both sides with a band of X’s. The blade heavily rusted and the hilt with mottled dark patina. Dirks of this form are well known. See Wallace #53, #55 & #56 for examples dating late 17th-early 18th century. See also Culloden, #2:3 for an example dated 1744. This example, based on its simplicity probably dates to the Scottish revival period, post-1782 when the Act of Proscription of 1747, which prohibited the wear of traditional Scottish dress, was repealed. It could, however, be of pre-Culloden period as its condition is consistent with concealment in roof thatch, and simply provincially made to a more functional standard.
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