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Second quarter of the 18th century, Rebellion period. Robust hilt with good scroll quillon and alternate rectangular and elongated oval panels, the former line bordered and the last vertically lined. Both with circle and "arrow head" piercings. See Culloden, the Swords and the Sorrows, 1:17, with very similar hilt, dated to the second quarter of the 18th century. Bun form pommel segmented by three line bordered broad arced lines. Brown leather covered grip with brass wire wrap and turban form knots. 33 7/8" s.e. blade with broad and narrow fullers with false edge nearly its full length. Scottish fighting technique, afoot with a fearless life or death charge honed to perfection with clan battles and unleashed on the British required a sword proportioned and balanced for the warrior. While most were not made to order, they were certainly purchased on size, blade length, and balance. This example was carried by a fighter who had an advantage of about 15% in height and possibly more in girth, both of which translated into inertia and energy on impact of the stroke. A lesser and would be handicapped by its size.
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