The Wheel of Fortune (Rota Fortuna) is one of the most enduring of ancient philosophical or religious concepts. It was pivotal in Ancient Greek and Roman Paganism and smoothly transitioned into Christianity, aided by the Roman philosopher, Boethius in his 523 treatises, The Consolation of Philosophy. Its popularity grew with Christianity’s spread, represented in art, including Chaucer and Shakespeare, for two. Its popularity among the common folk who were most likely to be affected by misfortune resulted in widespread reliance on amulets representing the Wheel of Fortune. . It is widely depicted on cathedral windows and in literature. This amulet is well over 1/2” diameter, made by the open face mold technique, with high relief representation of a six-spoke wheel with a central hub and low crenulated edge. The surface is textured from burial. It has been professionally refurbished with the 24karat gold surface restored. It is mounted on a gilt Sterling silver necklace for modern wear. Gift boxed with certificate of authenticity.
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