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Sasanian/Achaemenid which later evolved into the Persian culture. About ½” diameter with incised border and two abstracted figures with the fire altar between. That image in detail is represented on coins of the period, and more abstracted as here, on jewelry and pottery. Zoroaster was a prophet living about 7th century BC (no certain date known) who founded a religion, the fundamentals of which have survived today. They include monotheism (one god), a coming Messiah, free will, and judgement after death. This amulet is thicker than a coin with the back well rounded. The fire altar represented the energy of Ahura Mazda, The Creator. Fire altars were used as to provide focus, during prayer as the hypnotic flames cleared the mind for divine inspiration. Professionally refurbished with the 24karat gold overlay restored, on a modern gilt Sterling silver neck chain. Jewelry gift boxed with a certificate of authenticity.
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