Vikings were highly skilled metallurgists, and as a result, breaking metal had supernatural significance for them. Breaking ringjarn (iron rings) as shown on the Larbro Stone, was thought to destroy the spirits of enemies. Similarly, Viking weapons and accouterments were broken for burial with their owners. This is the broken end of a fine Viking warrior's bronze bracelet. It is about 3/4” x 3/8”. It is hand-decorated by a Viking craftsman, 1000 years ago! The center panel is a bordered elongated saltire with triangles in the side quadrants, a triple triangle motif and a cross in the others. The Christian Cross was a favorite Viking decorative motif even before their conversion to Christianity in the late 11th century. Professionally refurbished with a silver overlay restored and mounted to a Sterling silver neck chain for modern wear. It comes with a certification of authenticity, and jewelry gift boxed.

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