Second half of the 19th century. Embodying characteristics of the traditional Tuareg broadsword, tabouka, adapted to the short hacking sword used for the lightning fast house raids which sorted the marketable from the disposable, no easy task in the frenzy. An interesting analogy is that the Aztecs waged large scale wars, the object of which was the capture of the vanquished live, for human sacrifice. 17 1/2” tapered blade of particularly thick section and characteristic Tuareg tool finish, skillfully fashioned hilt with iron grip finely chiseled in the Congolese fashion. Hide wrapped flared upper grip with above basket weave segment. Hide scabbard of pure Tuareg style and workmanship applied to this blade. Some wear but both suspension straps intact. The hilt with worn leather terminal and excellent iron grip. Blade excellent for the period. Slavery is endemic to Tuareg culture, evidently up to the present. Slaving is rarer and this sword, an adaptation of the traditional war sword, is unique in our experience, from our own collection. It served an ambitious nomad who seized opportunity (slaving was strictly business) outside his culture.

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