Incorporating features found on only a handful of transitional examples. 32 5/8” straight ridged back wedge section blade decorated with panels of tendrils flanking GLORIA/SOLIDEO and another inscription in distorted ciphers, perhaps cabalistic. The blade form enjoyed brief popularity two decades later. Iron hilt with curved pistol grip form horn grip. That form known in Swiss sabers of the same period. Iron cross guard with deep spiral fluting. The left side with a depressed thumb rest. Each quillon terminal depressed as well, in combination with the quillon length, clearly intended as a thumb rest on the forward quillon and the lower, probably made to match for symmetry. Fluted shell guard with matching central depression. The shell guard interestingly, inset and secured with a pin/axle rather than being integrally forged as would be expected. A substantial weapon yet lighter than the arming swords of the period and probably made for fighting the Turks who were lightly protected and relied an agility to compensate.
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