Iron. 24" blade with full 90o turn and spear point return parallel; to the main blade. The inner edge sharpened and the back pierced for jingles, two remaining. Built up hilt with long leaf shaped point, scalloped back supports to the forte. Additional pair of scroll terminal langets above. Addorsed leaf shaped guard of shallow V form, the edges indented and the borders recessed. Leather wrapped cylindrical grip with slightly dished circular pommel. Dark throughout with scattered uniform pitting but no erosion or localized concentrations. Egerton quotes Gaspar Correa (p.80) describing a sword of a Nair (Nayar) evidently when Correa first arrived in India in 1514. Though not weapons of war, it seems likely that they were carried domestically combining a defensive weapon with a cultural icon. The Nayars were an elite group of warriors drawn from noble backgrounds which served at will (mercenaries) with legendary dedication. Dating is speculative but examples invariable show particularly great age with some deterioration and a 16th-17th century attribution seems likely.

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