42 1/4” length. Slightly tapered hard wood shaft with pitch encased self nock and triple fletching (a little tattered) secured with spiral thread wrap. Finely forged iron head with conical socket, long bolster and tapered point with single heavy barb. The shaft with fine plant fiber cord wrap from which issue three thicker plant fiber cords secured with similar wrap to the iron head base allowing the head to detach while securely tethered to the shaft. These are used for pig hunting. See Smithsonian Institution; United States National Museum, Bulletin 137 (1926) plate 3 #5 & 6 and plate 4 #11 &12 where these are described as harpoons and used for pig hunting. Dark patina with some incrustation from use. The high points of the cord wrap with a little wear from use.  From a small group which are the only examples we have seen on the market.
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