First half of the 19th century. 25 3/4 slab side blade with three fullers and bearing the sun moon and stars marks well documented on mid-18th century blades including American Revolutionary War examples. This blade was produced in Solingen for export in the first half of the 19th century. The hilt is entire Mexican made and consists of a thick wood grip with bands separating the two hand holds and a built up base mount secured with a handmade domed head screw as found on early firearms. The guard is a band of sheet iron, rounded for the butt end and chisel chamfered at the forte. As foot soldiers and armed peasants used no shields, the use of a two handed sword is surprisingly rare. This example made from the elements at hand and familiar to its owner very likely was produced for home defense in the early century where rural dwellers provided their own defense. It may well have been produced in Texas for the 1836 Rebellion and in the hands of an owner intimately familiar with the machete, would have been a devastating weapon

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