From the William Fagan Ltd. Collection

Virtually the Holy Grail for any collector of Early European Arms and Armor. This example is original as made, but for the string wrap on its grip, now lacking. The 40 1/2” blade bears on the front ricasso, the King’s Head mark associated with the Wundes family, in either its earliest form or the mark on which it is based as the sword marginally precedes Wundes activity. This is an arming sword, made for fighting in full armor. It generally was used in one hand, requiring substantial strength, superb (?) fitness and stamina. As needed, it could be used in both hands providing significantly greater energy to the blows. When so used, it was both the weapon of attack and defense and every stroke was calculated to deliver a blow while providing protection against the counter attack. A miscalculation or poor delivery compromised by fatigue, by either opponent, could provide the opportunity for a disabling or fatal blow.

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