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Pattern which served through the French and Indian War as well as the Revolution. See Neumann 7.PA. Classic form the broad axe blade pierced through the socket and secured with the screw off spear point, allowing disassembly for transport. This example mounted on its full length original haft with original conical iron base shoe. 98 3/4" total length. Successful English military leaders were generously rewarded with titles, land, manor houses, and other treasures. Frequently, profuse displays of military arms were provided for trophy displays in the manor homes of the military greats as well as the royal family. This halberd has been preserved and embellished for such display, clearly indicating such a noble provenance. The axe head and spear point have been decorated overall with a lattice pattern enclosing a stylized flower bud in each open space, undoubtedly with armorial significance. The upper half of the haft has been covered in velvet secured in a tack matrix, with tassel terminals. The velvet, typically, is now reduced to its nap and fragmentary. It undoubtedly served its noble family for two centuries but fell victim to death taxes in the 20th century. Military action which could produce distinction worthy of commemoration in this manner, in the period of service of this weapon, include the Scottish Rebellion of 1745, the French and Indian War and the American Revolution. While we have not been able to track down the key element, the repeated floral device, available information expands daily and in time, the whole story of this remarkable arm will unfold to the owner.

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