Sumatra, probably dating to the Aceh War which began in 1873 and lasting over 40 years. Fueled by the need for colonial control over the pepper market as well as other resources, it was precipitated by the inability of the Sultan of Aceh to control piracy in the Straits of Malacca. As cannibalism was practiced at the time and the Aceh employed guerilla tactics, atrocities seldom experienced by Europeans, and never to date of that scale, occurred. This example, of domed form, 11 3/4" diameter is a buckler used for parrying in hand to hand combat with the sword in the other hand. The surface is mounted with seven brass six pointed stars with domed centers and 24 smaller bosses, and of which are intended to engage an opponent’s blade. Excellent condition with medial age check to the front, but not through.

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