Swords of this type are sometimes identified as hunting swords, however, they are in fact, the swords carried by the wealthy, nobility and upper middle class. It is notable that the decorations of this example are based in military motifs and specifically, the Ottoman adversaries, rather than hunting motifs. This example originated in Eastern Germany or more likely the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. See Antique Arms and Armour, Wilkinson, SW.31 and SW.32 for similar examples identified as Polish. Its 23 ½” broad fullered curved blade is decorated with portraits of Turks, stars and crescents, trophies of arms and arm and scimitar of the Ottoman hussar. The back edge bears a long arrow motif. The brass hilt is hand chiseled and the ribbed bone grip decoratively stained. The grip is cracked from tang expansion. Otherwise, it is in excellent preservation.

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