Iron hilt of Aurangzeb form as identified by Pant. See Vol II fig.281 and accompanying text which describes the changes made after the deposition of Shah Jahan including the broader dish pommel and vase-shaped grip. 29 1/2 broad fullered blade with long raised false edge and clipped point. Crusty rusting over quite good surfaces as evidenced by the blade. Rarely found in this condition and suggestive of an example serving in the early 1700s and returned to England where it experienced the weathering. Generally, surviving example are from Indian arsenals where they experienced repeated rusting and cleaning resulting in loss of metal and detail. Here, the particular broad and proud blade waits beneath the degraded surface. A project for the amateur restorer, needing diligent wet or dry sanding or displayable as a relic of the Mughal territorial wars before colonization.
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