Reign of Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal. Iron hilt with heavy silver overlay in foliate designs and central flower and stem to each side of the grip. This decoration of naturalistic rendition was specific to the period of Shah Jahan and replaced by his successor, Aurangzeb, with symmetrical formal arrangements. The silver intact but for a couple tiny pieces. Pierced silver pommel toggle. See Pant’s Indian Arms and Armour Vol II, plates CXI & CXII, for two related hilts. 30 ¼” s.e. blade with long low raised false edge, composed of finely patterned watered steel with laminar edge and back, flanking large transverse whorl pattern. The forte inlaid in gold with a series of ciphers(?) perhaps cabalistic, made of bars and dots and including the “tree” mark found on Sikh chakrams. The blade pattern crisp and finely contrasting. The gold inlay with minor losses.

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