Recovered at Königstein Castle, Hesse, Germany, between Frankfurt and Wiesbaden. The castle ruins stand today with the earliest portions reduced to the ground floor in the 14th century and rebuilt and fragmented several times thereafter with several buildings in the town of Königstein constructed from the castle stone. Rarely encountered with such specific and historic information. Iron, 7 1/8” length with elongated pyramidal form point and open seam conical socket. Sound excellent excavated condition, professionally preserved. These were mounted on shafts of 3-5 foot length and fired from large crossbows mounted on carts or stands. They had enormous range and relatively fast reload capability. In a siege, they could be stationed strategically around the castle or fort and fire volumes of bolts with power enough to penetrate the walls and roofs of the structures within as well as go clear through a horse. The advantage was with the attacker as his target was concentrated. The defender could us an identical weapon, but as his adversary was widely dispersed, the chances for a successful hit were greatly diminished. Rare and well preserved.

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