Iron, 4 1/2" height with 3/3 nail holes. Original find tag from 1865 indicating that it was found ate Warthausen, Baden-Wurttenberg (Southern Germany). Warthausen is a small town built in support of Schloss Warthausen which dates from the 12th century and was acquired by the Habsburg family in the 14th. This shoe accords with type 4, The Medieval Horse and His Equipment, Clark which dates it to about 1270-1450. By their chronology, which factors distribution off finds frequency of occurrence, it most likely dates about 1325-1450. That period spans the evolution of full plate armor in the Gothic period. At the time, horses worked both shod and unshod. Experts differ on the function of the shoe, traction vs. wear prevention but in either case (a combination of both is likely) it is agreed all around that war horses were shod and this example is either from a war horse or as worn by one.
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