18th-19th century. 8 1/4” height and weighing almost 4 pounds! Comprising two cherubs standing on a rococo base and holding the Medici coat of arms. The use of family coats of arms was restricted to the family which they represented. In this context, it is certain that this knocker came from a Medici home, probably in Florence. This example came from the Ken Paul movie prop stock sold by Sotheby’s in 2002 after his retirement. Ken Paul Ltd. was London's leading film prop supplier. Ken's shop was well known as a treasure trove of fine and eclectic antiques, including the occupied coffin clock used in The Rocky Horror movie, as well as a source for the less extraordinary. For nearly five decades it supplied props for virtually every English movie of note from Lawrence of Arabia to Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone as well as television shows including Masterpiece Theater and more recently, Absolutely Fabulous. The size of this example suggests that its “knock” was significant and probably featured in more than one film. Other items from this collection have been spotted in English films by our clients.

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