12 3/4" length. The body, a leg joint and bone, probably cow, with a cabalistic inscription in two lines incorporating mystical characters. Heavy iron suspension rings and forged conical spout on iron cap. Neither the form nor the inscription are known to us. The choice of the bone joint allows for very little storage volume for its size suggesting that it probably had a mystical or ritual function. The alphabet closely resembles that of the Voynich Manuscript. The form of the characters and method of inscription is reminiscent of those on the German oath skulls of the 16th-17th century Vehmic Courts. Such courts relied on trials of various kinds, like putting a hand in fire in the expectation that God would spare an innocent person. Similarly, drinking poison was a test of innocence. It is possible that this vessel was a poison container for the Vehmic courts. Speculative and stunning display.

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