Extremely rare pre-contact example. 18th century or earlier. 23 7/8” length, comprising the wood core, elegantly fashioned with curved medial ridged blade and fish shaped grip with raised thumb rest. Both edged with narrow split cane runners supporting drilled shark teeth secured with sennit (cord formed from rolled and twisted coconut fiber) providing the vicious cutting and tearing edges. The wood scraped to shape and finish predating the introduction of steel tools. Shows great age with grip glossy from handling. The sennit frayed in places with some of the teeth loose, broken and lacking. One of the support runners short at the tip. Needs some straightening up of the lash and could be fully restored if desired. This example compares with the earliest preserved in the world’s most notable collections including the Peabody and Smithsonian museums and Pitt-Rivers Collection. We purchased it at Christie's in London in the 1980s when family heirlooms from past generations of explorers came to market and haven't seen comparable examples available for decades.

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