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So-called crab claw form hilt after its curved cross guard. See Armi Bianche Italiane, pl.585-91 for related examples and particularly pl.589 which is closely related. Iron hilt with hatched decoration to the shell guard and pommel. Iron wire wrapped grip. 29 ¾”d.e. blade of flattened diamond section. The fuller marked with F M D one side and M D M F opposite, probably abbreviated Latin religious mottoes. This is an infantry sword of well know type. Its blade length is calculated to optimize its effect for close hand to hand fighting. At the time, Venice was a city state which encompassed most of north of the Italian peninsula and the territories north and east of the Adriatic. It was the power which held the Ottoman Turks in check. Her fleet of over 3000 ships protected the coastline from marauding Turks and pirates both on land and at sea. This sword likely saw service aboard a ship as well as on land.

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